The entire Globe is in the same boat, sailing on extremely rough seas.
Divided by face masks and a safety distance between each other, united by the same longing for the storm to pass and to finally return into a safe harbour.

Flame of the Forest has open doors and empty rooms.
The National park has closed its gates.
Live has become drastically slow, which in many ways, holds its own beauty.
Even though we might be far, our thoughts and hearts are reaching out to you.

Hoping you, your family and friends are physically well.
Hoping you are emotionally and mentally strong.
Hoping you can take every day as it comes.
Hoping you keep your sense of humour.
Hoping you find beauty in your surrounding.
Hoping you find a healthy laugh every day.
Hoping you feel connected even though we are all forced to keep a distance between each other.

Our hearts and minds are concerned.
We are with in thoughts and heart, working on solutions for future stays with us and are looking forward to
meet you again around the camp fire, chatting about the wonders of the natural world.

Keep the flame burning.

Stay positiv and strong.

Best wishes from the Forest Dwellers

Karan, Isa, Dhansigh, Mohan, Arko
and the entire Flame-Team

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