Season and Equipment

Most of our guests are pleasantly surprised that we have four proper seasons in Kanha.

Winters are very refreshing during the daytime and almost freezing cold at night and in the very early mornings.

As the temperatures are slowly rising, the environment changes its appearance to what you can call, an autumn dress. The leaves are falling and the colors are displayed in intense beauty.

Autumn is fluidly changing to what you could call spring time as all the trees are filled with flowers and not only is the air filled with amazing aromas but the birdlife you will find, while just sitting under a tree is breathtaking.

During spring time  the temperatures are rising and the sun is telling us the tales of a golden summer glory. The heat is creeping in and changing the face of rivers and grasslands.

During the startling time of Monsoon the National park is closed and hence you sadly wont be able to witness the transformation of the flora. Monsoon is followed by a warm and lush green transition to winter.

The temperatures are different in all the seasons and hence the equipment as to be managed accordingly.