Safari Schedule

Kanha is a premier tiger reserve and attracts serious wildlife enthusiasts. As all other National parks and reserves in India, Kanha has a limited number of visitors/guests allowed to enter per Safari drive.

As Kanha has also been awarded the best managed park over the years the system is created to ensure best  Wildlife protection as well as best wildlife viewing experience.

The park gates open post monsoon from 15th Oct to 15th June each year.

The park is divided into 4 tourism zones to scatter the visitors and to avoid crowding even even on holiday times or festival dates. The main aim is to protect wildlife,

Safari Timings

Morning: Sunrise to 11am

Afternoon: 2.30pm – sunset

Sunrise and sunset vary during the seasons and the Safari Timing adapts accordingly.

Entry to the park is only with a special entry permit which must be bought minimum 4 months before date of excursion. Without entry permits entry to the park is not granted.

If you are a professional photographers or an even keen nature enthusiast you can book a Special Photographers permits that allows you to stay all day inside the reserve. For more details on any of the above mentioned information please feel free to get in touch with us.