Tribal Village Walk

A guided walk through a tribal village is the perfect blend for a holistic wilderness experience

While driving from the airport through the buffer zone to reach Kanha National Park you leave behind the hustle and the bustle of the city. Having escaped the traffic, pollution, hawkers and horns you find yourself drifting through small towns and villages that have fields of paddy, sugarcane and other seasonal crops around their periphery.
Flame of the Forest is set in a small village named “Kutwahi”.

A guided walk through Kutwahi is an unforgettable experience. The first thing you notice is the bright smiling faces of little children content with their make-shift toys. Women going about their daily chores: drawing water either from the hand pump or the village well, and men returning from the fields or attending to odd jobs around the house. Old men sitting around the only shop that sells bidi (local cigarette: tobacco rolled in a special leaf) and chewing tobacco.

The houses of the village are mostly built with hand made mud bricks, plastered with mud and cow dung with a layer of lime stone used as paint. Blue and white and the art of the construction of the houses is the main feature of the vernacular style of central India. theme in which the entire village is bathed.
What stands out is how clean these villages are; peep into any random house or its compound and you’ll see that they are spick and span with nothing but beautiful designs on the edges of the courtyards and doors. Most of these houses have their own vegetable garden in the backyard and almost all of them have pumpkins growing over the tiled roofs with the vines cascading into the backyard like a veil to the ground.