Kanha and its Wildlife

Kanha is one of the finest protected areas in the world and is among the first nine Tiger Reserves named under “Project Tiger”.

Kanha has gained worldwide attention for its very impressive wildlife, landscapes and forest management services over decades and has served as an example of excellence to all Indian wildlife and park management. It covers over 2000 Sq.kms and embodies one of the finest places in the world to see tigers in the wild and in their true habitats and natural behavior.

In this magical wilderness we have more than 35 species of mammals, more then 300 species of birds and over 500 species of insects and reptiles find a protected home and the great biodiversity of Flora and Fauna is a never ending source of astonishment and joy to us and our guests.

To name a few common species would be four species of Deer, the Indian Bison also called “Gaur” which is the largest wild cattle in the world, the highly elusive Leopard, wild Boar, three species of Antelopes and four species of Canids namely Jackals, Foxes, Wolves and Dhole or the Indian Wild Dogs.

Another unique animal is the Sloth Bears and a healthy and growing population of Tigers of course!

All Nature lovers, Nature enthusiasts, Photographers, Researchers , Guests and families visit the reserve to explore, learn and discover nature at its best. The memories are certainly cherished for a lifetime.