Yoga Retreats

A holistic wilderness experience combined with an intensive yet individual Yoga practice holds a powerful transformative essence. With nourished by a group and guided by a teacher, this can be a life changing experience.

Silence. Nature. The beauty of a simple life. The countless colours of India. Meditation. The yoga practice on and off the mat. One breath at the time.

A yoga retreat at with us Flame of the Forest has many facets. The intimacy of nature, reflected by the small group, nourishes the ground for transformation and a deep form of practice.

Isa has practiced yoga for about 12 years, including 10 years in Kanha. She therefore knows the transformative power of nature. She is there to help you and guide you in what ever you might require in the planing and execution of your yoga retreat in the beautiful wilderness of Kanha National Park. The Yoga Shalla has room for about 12 students. It is open on three sides and gives space and sense of security to connect with nature during the practice.

The Shalla contains all the five elements:
EARTH: The floor of the Shalla is made of earth and brings a soft and earthy feeling into the practice
WATER: you look directly over the river.
FIRE: There is always a candle burning in the Shalla and you could do a fire ceremony in the shalla without difficulties. The most powerful fire element is the Sun and you can look right into the sunset every evening.
AIR: The Shalla is open on three sides and hence there is always a light wondering through the Shalla
SPACE: The space is given and created, again and again, always new, always different and yet always the same.

For Yoga teachers who are interested in planing a Yoga, Meditation or a silent retreat with us at Flame of the Forest, please do get in touch with us for detailed Information. We are always happy to be of help and make your dream come true.