Lets go for a walk together…

Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge is nestled in the pristine buffer zone of the Kanha National park. The wilderness in and around the lodge is what we admire daily. Since we have set foot on this property we are learning and discovering every day a new little something, a treat nature shows us which makes us understand how much there is to learn and be amazed by.

If you would like to go for a walk and share the joy we feel, we are happy to guide you.

To experience the wilderness in a jeep certainly is an experience you will never forget. To be on foot in the forest opens up all your senses and you will be able to look, smell and touch smaller things. You can witness the incredible work of insects or touch scratch marks of animals.

Easy Walks

If you would like to enjoy nature all by your self of with your partner, the best way to do that is a walk in the river bed. Saunter along the riverbank, equipped with your camera and best your binoculars too, and the environment will not fail to astonish you. After 100m you will feel totally in the wilderness, as the quiet atmosphere is only interrupted by bird calls, monkey business and maybe a few cows here and there.

Plateau Walk

The guided walk starts at the Lodge and leads you to a plateau about 6kms away from the Lodge. The walk lingers through patches of forest, a bit of a road walk till you reach the base of the plateau, followed by an uphill walk of about 30min at an easy pace. You can spend 30mins or more on the top having coffee/tea or breakfast depending on the time you set off for the walk. The plateau has a stunning view over the buffer zone of Kanha National park. If you are lucky you might see a leopard or a Sloth bear but what you certainly will see is a lot of birds and the opportunity to dwell an an environment so rich in nourishing energy.
Duration: 3-4 hours
Age group: not for kids below 7 years.

Birding Walk

You would have to be equipped with binoculars, a bird book or the bird Checklist which you will find in our folder in the Cottage. Our naturalist will accompany you and advise you the time best suited for birding. Off you go. Since we are so close to a water source you will be rest assured to find a good variety of Birds.

Butterfly Walk

On this wonderful guided walk we try to discover the secret life of butterflies. You will be astonished about the variety and colors you discover during this walk. Your naturalist will give you the best suited time for this walk. Within and around the property there are plenty of opportunities to witness and learn about these winged beauties.

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