Jeep Safari

Join us for an intimate Safari experience and share space with the royal Bengal Tiger on the dusty roads of the Kanha National Park

A wildlife experience is always a combined effort between the Naturalist and the guide from the park. All our guests are appointed with a trained naturalist who is qualified in nature interpretation and tracking skills in the jungle, who can interpret what you are seeing, explain the hidden meanings in pug-marks, scratch marks or other signs of the Jungle. The interpretation is the key point of the Safari experience.

Kanha National Park covers an area of 2,000 sq/kms. The tourism area is divided into four zones. Each zone is equally beautiful and with its own varied inhabitants and landscapes. The atmosphere is magical and all zones sustains a healthy population of both predators and prey.

Tigers are at the top of most people’s list of things to see but luckily Kanha has a fantastic array of flora and fauna, approx. 300 species of birds and mystical jungle landscapes with enchanting forests and huge grasslands so there is always something to see and keeps you interested and keen with excitement.

What is really fascinating in Kanha is the constant change of landscapes, which also offers a constant surprise element, to what animals you can expect around the next corner. Sal forest changes into Bamboo habitat, merges into a grass land and from there you might be guided up a little hill to a plateau or a river crossing. The visual stimulation is huge and quite addictive too. Switch off technology and switch on to reality.