Thank you! Coming here is coming home.

8th April 2018

Had such a fantastic time again, already looking forward to come back next year. Had the best tiger sightings.

Thank you Mohan Karan & Isa, thank you, thank you all for making every holiday so amazing. Love and hugs to every single one & you

– Julie and Steve, Buckinghamshire UK

For us, coming back to Flame of the Forest is coming back home.

2nd April 2018

A very special place with very special people. Each time it gets more harder to leave. But we know one day we will be here and join you for a much longer time. In the meantime we so much enjoy our holidays with you and the special evenings of long talks, great dinners and all the things we love about Flame of the Forest and Kanha. It is not that often you meet people who make you feel so welcome and you know each other for many many years. Cherish all the precocious moments and look forward to continue this journey with you.


– Nicole and Hans

Thanks for all Great time, great staff!

23rd January 2018

We feel at home on the time we enter the door which was missing. It was wonderful Big compliments!

– Jeroen and Monique Stam, The Netherlands

We spent the most amazing 3 nights at Flame of the Forest.

26th December 2017

The experience has been surreal sight from the place to the people and it was like being a part of someone elses beautiful dream. The care and love and detail to small things is fantastic. Special and heartfelt thanks to Mohan, Jenny, Ruturaj, Chethram, Dharam and everybody else who worked behind the scene to make our stay, each drive and each meal memorable. Star gazing, picnic lunch, bonfire nights and ofcourse the passion and love for the nature were highlights. Thanks again and we hope to visit again. Till then,

– Nupur Tainwala and Family

Thank You so much for looking after us so well.

8th December 2017

Thank you for making our trip such a success. We hope you will enjoy the finished film- which shows on NETFLIX in April 2019 All the best


What a perfect end to our Indian Holiday – Best for last!

22nd October 2014

The great food, wonderful lunch venues, the candle light dinner, the accommodation, the staff, who looked after us so well. This place has been a highlight of our travels. Thanks so much Isa & Karan for your kind hospitality.

–  Maggie King, Canada

Our only regret is not staying longer.

9th May 2014

The staff were universally courteous and very helpful with regards to our every needs. This has been our best and most rewarding stay in India. Our sincere thanks to Isa & Karan who made it all possible. We would love to reciprocate the hospitality in Australia we have received here. Perhaps one day we we will return to this beautiful community, to Kipling country and Kanha National Park. We will be in touch for sure.

– Mike & Shannon, Australia

This is our second visit in less than three months.

10th March 2014

Sorry to depart such a beautiful place. Amazing hosts amozing food amazing staff great wilderness.Sure to return.

– Steve & Keith, UK 

What you have here is truly unique and beautiful.

January 2014 & December 2013

I have rarely stayed anywhere where every single person is friendly, so helpful and so polite. And I am insanely jealous you get to live here year round. The food is imagination here and the wilderness a special one. Thanks so very much for a wonderful stay with you. You have made it possible for us to do some great filming in the Park. Guiding was brilliant and helped us get to the right places at the right time for better images and settings of the forest and its wildlife. We hope we can come back and do some more exploring In this wonderful area.

– BBC Planet Earth Crew UK

Thank you for a wonderful time we had.

28th November 2013

You made our holiday very special. We like to come back to this place.
The game drives were fantastic, everyday wild-dogs, Beautiful Tigers, lots of birds and superb guiding.
Mooi !!! Hardstikke mooi !!!

– Marjolien & Hans Jurger Mager Holland

Thank you so much for a lovely stay.

Diwali 2013

Thank you for making us a part of your family for the last four days. What you offer at your lodge is all too rare these days….a chance to understand how to live in harmony with the earth. Thank you for looking after our children with such tenderness – the making of a raft, the fishing trip to the tank and the stories by the campfire- will all become part of our “treasure of memories”. To our friendship and many more visit to your wonderful space, you have managed to create.

– Christine, Param, Iva, Pankaj, SWISS

We thought our first stay here was incredibly special so we came back.

2nd November 2013

This stay, however, was even more special than the last, which we had not thought would be possible.
You guys have something here at Flame of the Forest which is totally unique and overwhelming which words cannot describe.

I hope in my next life I can come back as a “Mahoot”. I felt completely one with the forest with the lodge and the forest, especially when on the elephant ride.

A huge thanks for everything you have done for us.

– Rhonwen & Mark Tatchell, UK

Thank you for the wonderful experience at FLAME OF THE FOREST.

29th January 2011

Your enthusiasm, passion and love for the environment, flora and fauna of the Jungle are so contagious that I too a city dweller become a convert. I am looking forward to my next visit with my team members in this lovely resort.

Karan you truly made my day on Jan 28th as after three visits to Tiger reserves, beginning on Corbett National Park for my honeymoon in 1982, I finally saw this magnificent beautiful gods creation. Thank you for a wonderful visit.

Best wishes to both of you and much success and happiness in the years to come.

– Flame of the Forest Guest from New Jersey

Please hire me!! I love this place!

25th January 2011

Thanks a leap for making my anniversary the most memorable! Gonna see you guys very soon!
P.S. Isa, you bake the best cakes in the world!

– Flame of the Forest Guests from Mumbai

A long overdue visit but so very worth it! What a wonderful home you have!

7th December 2010

I`ve loved the use of wood and stone, the zillion little touches that make it so obvious that you have spent time and love in the creation of Flame of the Forest.
The peace and serenity of the area, the tranquillity of the river and the laughter of friends at your campfire have made this a very memorable stay.
We wish you and isa all the very best and pray for happiness, success, prosperity and good times to always fill our home!

– Flame of the Forest guest from Mumbai

This was our first ever trip to the ″wild″ and it was fantastic!

October 2010

That you managed to get a “city-beach-holiday-couple” like us to go into raptures like this speaks volumes. The Lodge is a fantastic labour of love, from the Sarees in the shower to the tulsi plants in the courtyard. This is truly beautiful. That we came as guests and are now leaving as friends is a true reflection of the Flame of the Forest experience.

Fantastic job and look forward to being back really soon!

– Flame of the Forest Guest form Mumbai

It has been a hugely fantastic experience to share FLAME OF THE FOREST with your team.

30th October 2010

Our memories will last forever, from the pure beauty of the environment and relaxed ambience of what you have created here, to the personal hospitality you have provided. Floating down the river, Yoga, Tiger Safaris, the food, the village visit …all have been extraordinary. Dhansingh is a star! All the best for your future and may all your dreams come true!

– Flame of the Forest Guest from UK

We came to Kanha with hopes and with dreams Of Tigers in forests and other wild things.

13th May 2010

With Karan to guide us under hot skies of blue With bees and with birds, our dreams came all true.

We breathed in the Sal trees, heard barking deer sing. Saw small birds that dazzled like jewels on the wing.

And then on the last day, as fate made us late, We entered the park as last through the gate. And that’s when we saw him, the king of the night all stretched out before us …a magical sight!

Thank you, Karan and Isabelle, to the makers of magic who make dreams come true!

– Flame of the Forest Guest from UK

What a magical place. Truly gorgeous in every imaginable way!

24th April 2010

The dinner in the river bed under the Indian Sky was unforgettable! Wonderful people, Service, food, fun…everything!

– Flame of the Forest Guest from Zimbabwe

What a piece of heaven you both have!

24th April 2010

You two have been amazing thank you so much! Please come and visit us in Zimbabwe and meet Tatenda the Rhino!

With best wishes

– Flame of the Forest Guest from Zimbabwe

First of all, a big thank you! Our very best wishes to you both!

2 April 2010

FLAME OF THE FOREST is such a delight, Though the bees gave as a bit of a fright!

A sting or two came our way But seeing the Tigers definitely made our day. A wonderful welcome awaits all who come.

The hospitality is second to none. So enjoy your stay at this special place You are sure to leave with a smile on your face.

– Flame of the Forest Guests from UK

Well, it is my first time in Kanha

10th March 2010

I completed 7 drives in the jungle today. I did not see Tigers in the first 6 drives. But I still saw enough. I loved every bit of it. The aroma in the park, the plants, butterflies and various other things. I got addicted to every bit of it.

This place has its own charm. And staying at FLAME OF THE FOREST has been amazing. The outside shower, the Machan and the lunch on the river bed were my highlights. And finally, in the 7th drive, I saw 2 Tigers! So that completed my trip!

But that has hooked me on to this and I am surely coming back! I want to do this again and again and again! Best vacation ever!

– Flame of the Forest Guest from UK

This has been the best kind of getaway anyone living in a concrete jungle could ask for.

March 2010

FLAME OF THE FOREST is absolutely stunning and so peaceful. Your hospitality has been warm and the food was “killer”!

Thank you for everything! We are definitely going to come back soon and spread the word about this heavenly place!

Lots of love and luck and HAPPY HOLI

– Flame of the Forest Guest from Mumbai

The time spent here has truly been and experience of a lifetime.

March 2010

We never thought the Lodge was going to be this astonishing. Karan and Isa are truly wonderful hosts. For a young couple to let go of all the modern life and construct such a marvellous resort is a credit to them.

Besides creating such a wonderful Lodge they are also dedicated to doing good work for the local community. Both, I and Ila, wish this truly excellent couple a huge success. The road to success is always under construction, but for this couple, we hope the success road is a high way. The staff were also very good and friendly. Finally, I hope that FLAME OF THE FOREST stays in this way and will not get affected by the spoils of modern days.

We wish Karan and Isa and all their staff a best of luck.

– Flame of the Forest Guests from UK

These four days were one of the most exciting, most interesting and most beautiful we ever had.

27th Jan 2010

We enjoyed every second here! We felt like we were on our honeymoon! The pictures we saw on the Internet would never reflect or do justice to the reality! We were surprised with everything.

The landscapes, the cottages you made, the Safari-rides, the hospitality of the boys and last but not least Isa’s and Karan’s charming care. We gonna miss all the surprises the boys made for us and Franziska will especially miss the Machan…I guess

I will have to build one of these lovely things on our balcony back home. We wish you all the very best for the future and Im sure your guestbook will get full very fast!…we will surely be back!

– Flame of the Forest Guests from Switzerland

I came to Kanha National Park to see Tigers. I saw Tigers.

07th Dec 2009

I was truly surprised by the exquisite accommodation at FLAME OF THE FOREST.

I have had a wonderful and memorable experience here. Everyone appears to be genuinely interested in making my stay enjoyable.

The conversation was great, the hospitality warm and overall an experience never to be forgotten.

I feel like I have truly experienced the finest in Indian hospitality at Flame of the Forest. Thank you so much and wish you all the very best for the future.

– Flame of the Forest Guest from USA

Thank you so much for this great experience at FLAME OF THE FOREST!

7th to 21st Nov 2009

It was so wonderful, so awesome and incredibly beautiful to see your place, to enjoy your great service and your warm and happy staff!

Thank you, Karan and Isa! The Safari and the stay in your Lodge was an incredible experience for us! To see four Tigers and all the other beautiful animals was really awesome! And what an honour to be your first guest! Wow! We will surely be back!

Thanks again and hope to see you both soon!

With happy greetings from Switzerland

– Flame of the Forest Guest from Switzerland

Thank you so much for making our stay so special with so many personal touches.

10th Feb 2011

How many “dining rooms” do you have? We greatly appreciated your skills in the forest where we saw and learnt so much. It is not just the Tigers there is so much more and you helped us see and understand it.

Perhaps one day I day I can guide you in Antarctica in the way you have guided us here. But it was not just the forest and wildlife. Your empathy with the local community also gave us a very different insight into this part of India.

Thank you so much for making our time here so enjoyable and memorable.

– Flame of the Forest Guests form UK