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I am born in the wild and a keen seeker of understanding nature in all aspect.

I am born and brought up in Chhindwara, a district in which parts of the Pench Tiger Reserve are located. I studied engineering in the IT sector in  Jabalpur and got a campus placement in Pune, where I worked for sometime as a web designer. The calling of nature became louder and louder and in 2013 I finally decided to come back home and pursue my dream, to live in the wilderness, work in the Jungles and share my passion with guests. My interest and passion grew multifold, with the support of my brother-in-law, a respected guide in Kanha, who has encouraged and supported me, ever since I decided to life my dream and follow my heart. I received naturalist training from my uncle first hand and enrolled in a formal training as well . I got the chance to work as a naturalist in Ranthambore and in Kanha Tiger Reserve. I am very happy to be back living in these forests and discover the understanding i received from a very early age. My biggest dream is to spend time with likeminded people and sharing the joy and passion of wildlife. Most admired wildlife sightings: Sloth bear and leopard. What we love about him: He is a very gentle, honest and polite soul and his eagerness to learn and manifest his dream is contagious.

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