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Mohan was born to be wild!

Since he was a little toddler accompanying his grandfather around the wilderness of his pristine city of Mysore, he was interested and awestruck be everything that moved to everything that didn`t. What started as a school outing to a local zoo with an eminent local birdwatcher, led to his life long fascination and love story with natural history, particularly birds. He has an uncanny ability to explain the most mind-numbing theories, whether it is the evolution of mankind or as simple as, “why did the chicken cross the road?” with ease and simplicity. One 5 year old guest aptly named him “MIGHTY MOHAN”; his might is his humility. He is an open book with his vast knowledge and loves to share his experiences and wondrous stories which have keep us and guests captivated. Mohan knows his jungle and its animals/ Wildlife as well as the people who used to live in it. With Mohan at the helm of your drives, Kanha is a kaleidoscopic journey with magic around every turn.

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