We all live, laugh, work and dream under the very same sky. We all have been in need of a helping hand at some point in our lives. We all are unique and have something to offer to the world which will make this world a better place. To help some one does not need a lot of money, it just needs and open heart. Cause we all live, laugh, work and dream under the very same sky…

Flame of the Forest is a Safari Lodge and a home for Isa, Karan and the entire team. The Lodge was built as a lifestyle choice, to live with nature and with the indigenous people. We all truly feel it is a great privilege to live in such a precious nature reserve and from the very beginning it was clear, that we want to give back to nature and the local people as much as possible.

Saving and protecting wildlife goes hand in hand with providing livelihood options and a sense of pride to the indigenous people and their culture.

The property of Flame of the Forest is all along the river bank. The river is a very important place for the local communities, as their everyday life is woven in and around the river. We did not fence the property so life of the indigenous people is not disturbed due to our presence.
We formed a social enterprise HATHI ( to provide not only a workspace but also a skill training for mainly women. We teach sewing and stitching as a skill training, produce a handful of products which are sold in the Lodge shop as well as in Europe. With a decent part of the profit, we conduct workshops in the villages on the topic of health and hygiene for women. The focus is mainly on menstrual hygiene as it is a hugely neglected topic which leads to suffering and discomfort.

The project is growing organically and it is our big pride that the workshops are now conducted by local women, which means we managed to over come a tabu and work hand in hand with the local people.

We are very happy to answer all your questions regarding this project once you reached the lodge or write a mail to us.

Projects done successfully in the past and done again as and when required.

  • Providing school uniforms to the kids
  • Providing warm sweaters for the kids
  • Providing warm blankets in the winter to the villagers
  • Providing medicated mosquito nets to the forest guards in the park
  • Medical camp in several villages for a period of one year.