The closer we get to nature the easier it is, to experience peace. We offer a holistic wilderness experience in a healing environment. The natural surrounding, organic vegetables and fruits, the company of like minded people from all corners of the world and an experienced and enthusiastic team, make the stay at Flame of the Forest complete.

Be among a very intimate number of guests at this wildly romantic hideaway, where time stand still and the Jungle Lore comes to life. Unwind at Flame of the Forest not only for a Wildlife experience but for a lifestyle experience.

Be a part of our Safari Family during our discussions around the camp fire and laughter filled dinners at various private riverside venues. The sunsets, the moon rise and the starlit skies are our daily time keepers and the counting of the fruit bats in the evening is a constant source of astonishment as well as amusement.

Walk with us through the neighbouring village and be amazed, inspired and touched by the warm hearted life of the indigenous people.

The Safari experience at Kanha National Park is one of its kind. It all starts with the early morning wake up call, a hot coffee or tea at the dining hall, underlined with a tangible fragrance of a new day starting, a new adventure in the making which is filling the air. All our Safaris are guided by our trained and english speaking naturalists. It is an essential component to bring the jungle and its hidden treasures alive. A Safari experience can be super exciting, it can be soft and slow, it can bring tears to your eyes or astonish you to the core of your being with all its natural wonders. All said and done you have to experience it to believe it.

For our Yoga practitioners the days are starting early too. The sensations of the early hours of a new born day are filling the air. A very light breakfast is waiting in the dining hall, followed by silent walks through the riverside fields or a meditation session in the Yoga-Shala.

The Shala is an airy, open space and hence connected to nature. Rather than being isolated we want you to feel the connection to the core of mother nature. The best teacher and the deepest openings are provided by surrendering to nature.