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Karan Modi was born and grew up in Mumbai City.

There is hardly a bigger contrast than leaving a city with a population of over 21 Million and moving into the fringe of the Kanha National park. His vision was to live a simple life in the forest and share it with like minded people. He is a trained naturalist and hence the dream of living in the wilderness was omnipresent in this life. From the first time he visited Kanha, his heart was captured by the magnificent landscapes, the glorious Sal trees and the variety of wildlife the park has to offer. There is always something to discover, something to learn and cherish and certainly there is never a dull moment when you are on a drive with him. Karan is always looking for the next adventure, embracing opportunities to grow, learn and transform. He does not take life too seriously, what ever will be, will be. Life around him is full of energy and laughter.

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Nissar ( Nissu Ladakhi )