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Isabelle was born and brought up in a small town in Switzerland.

She travelled in 1999 for the first time to India. The country captured her heart and what followed were years of travelling back and forth between Switzerland and India. She met Karan during a Yoga Teacher Training in Mumbai and in 2008 they both decided to follow the call of the wilderness and expand their home range. In 2008 Isabelle and Karan tied the knot and started the construction of Flame of the Forest. The doors were wide open for an adventure lasting til today. To live so close to nature at the fringe of this stunning national park is never taken for granted. Isabelle started a social enterprise (www.hathi.ch) with her Sister back in Switzerland. Together they provide skilled training for local women in Kanha and conduct workshops for health and hygiene during the menstrual cycle. Kanha National park, Flame of the Forest and its wonderful team have become home, a place to replenish energy, share thoughts and ideas with like minded people and be grateful for the turns life takes if one can let go of fear and expectations.

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Nissar ( Nissu Ladakhi )