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Dhansigh is one in a million. He is a Gond tribal, he worked for years in the core of the national park and hence he is the best guide you can imagine.

Be it a cultural question or a wildlife question, Dhansingh knows it all. We all still learn from him and if there is a dry spell in terms of sightings we meet him in the kitchen for a chai and tease the much needed information out of him. At the lodge he is the invisible force behind all activities. You wont see him much in the front but be rest assured he is all around. More then anything Dhansigh is a trusted, warm and loving friend and we feel blessed to have him in our team. His wife and his two daughters Swati and Deepika are living with us at the camp, providing us with the joyful playing and learning moods of a childhood in the wilderness.

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Nissar ( Nissu Ladakhi )