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The behaviour of wildlife is a fascination, that runs deep into the core of my being. Photography is my medium to express my passion.

My journey started during 2013 at a small village called Agumbe which lies in a hilly, wet region of the Western Ghats Mountains of India. I was volunteering at the Agumbe Rainforest Research Station where I met Sir Romulus Whitaker & some of the leading minds in the country in the field of wildlife research addressing numerous topics including conservation, animal behaviour, environmental issues pertaining to overall wildlife conservation. These numerous topics piqued my interest and stoked my curiosity to gain a more in-depth knowledge about this field. To further my interest in this field, I decided to study & work on Behavioural Ecology and Conservation which was highly fascinating to me. Eventually through hard work and perseverance I learnt numerous techniques that gave me a broader outlook about the type of field work that wildlife research entails. I also utilized my free time to assist in conflict mitigation between snakes and human. The skills which I acquired afforded me the opportunity to work with Indian Institute of Science (CES) & Indian Institute of Science Education Research (TVM). My various research experiences exponentially increased my interest in the field of wildlife behaviour which led me to work in the Tiger reserve such as Satpura & Bandhavgarh. I have come to realize that this whole gamut of behaviour in animals and plants fascinates and intrigues me highly and is one of the motivating factors of me being here in Flame of the forest (kanha). My biggest dream is to keep exploring and learning about wildlife and the communities living in wildlife areas. What we love about him Amit is incredibly knowledgable and can speak about any given topic with great enthusiasm and humour.

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