A day at flame of the forest

The Sun is almost rising and already the kitchen is full of life. All hands are working together for the early Morning wake up call. In the dining hall the aromatic fragrance of fresh coffee and the famous Indian Chai are competing to fill the air.

A rich breakfast, with fruits, coffee, Indian flavors and anything else that could make your breakfast the most enjoyable in the reserve, is getting packed and kept in the jeep. The early morning shafts of light are touching the earth through the woods, the air is filled with birdcalls and you are on the way to the jungle. You will spend the entire morning in the jungle, before you will head back to the lodge, where the team of FLAME FO THE FOREST is already waiting for you, with a refreshing welcome drink.

Now you have time to relax and enjoy the atmosphere in the lodge. Nothing will disturb your peace. A light breeze from the riverside starts the orchestra of the leaves for you. Birds are singing and the air is filled with the fragrance of flowers. You can dive into the stunning view of the river Banjar from your cottage deck, or read a book on your private machan… time stands still for you.

Lunch will be served and stories shared. A Safari experience is not only about the National Park but also about the stories in and around the wilderness and the people connected and interested in the wildlife.

The afternoon safari will be coming closer and your naturalist is now awaiting your arrival with a warm smile and a keen spark of adventure in his eyes. And as we wave our hands behind your jeep, you are entering the fairytale of Kanha National Park again.

In the mean time, the team will prepare the evening for you. What is a jungle Lodge without a camp fire? Evening refreshments or soul warming drinks are awaiting you and we all sit around the ever so inviting fire. Jungle lore and stories from all across the globe are shared and cherished. No matter from which place in the world you have found and come to the Indian jungles, once you sit around a camp fire, the world stops turning.

The sun will set right in front of you and our bar will never fall short of a special drink, prepared especially for you.

Dinner at FLAME OF THE FOREST is always a special event. Give us the chance to surprise you- not only with a wonderful and delicious variety of food but also with the location and the arrangements. India is a very colorful, joyful and playful country, full of music, dance and mystic. Step into a land of fairytales! Bush dinners around the fire, tribal dance or a romantic dinner on the riverbed! A table set under the open sky and the moon and the stars just a touch away. Time for souls in flourishing moods. Once its time to go to bed, the hurricane lamps you will guide you to your cottage.

The cottage is prepared with an extra touch from our housekeeping team and if there is any wish left for you, we are always happy to make it come true.

Wiantech Pvt Ltd