Travel Suggestions

We recommend:
  1. Check with your doctor, whether you need to update your vaccinations.
  2. Carry your prescription drugs along with you, though medicines are readily available all over India.
  3. First aid kit is available at the lodge but we recommend carrying one along.
  4. A good medical insurance
  5. Insect repellent especially in the summer season.
  6. Sun protection cream, sun glasses and hat/head cover.
  7. Food: the golden rule is recommended all over India: Peal it, cook it or forget it!
  8. Water: packed mineral water is available everywhere. If you like to support us in creating a responsible approach to PET bottles, we guarantee safe drinking water from our UV - water filter station.

Suggestions for Kanha
  1. Kanha National Park is a remote area and you will face difficulties to find an ATM close to the resort. Please carry enough cash with you to meet all your expenses even though we accept major credit cards.
  2. The Kanha National Park is under the supervision of the Government of India. Rules and Regulations have to be obeyed under all circumstances.
  3. Carry binoculars, a camera and all the necessary batteries and chargers
  4. Voltage is 220V. An adapter is recommended.
  5. A small torch with spare batteries is recommended.
  6. Temperatures in Winter: -2 up to 25°C Summer: 11 to 45°C
  7. Consider the temperatures according to the season you are planning to visit us, and do your packing accordingly. In Winter (Nov – Feb.) carry gloves, a cap, plenty of warm clothes and may be even thermal undergarments with you. In Summer (March- June) some sort of head cover is a must including sunglasses and light clothing.
  8. Don’t carry very bright colored clothes as it might disturb the wildlife. Cotton clothes in Safari colours and if possible no off shoulder tops would be wonderful.
  9. . If you like to explore nature on foot then don’t forget to carry a good pair of walking shoes with you
  10. Water is very precious especially in a remote area like Kanha. Help us to preserve water: Turn off tabs whilst brushing your teeth, take short showers and report leaks immediately
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