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Ruturaj hails from Solapur, Maharashtra in western India.

He is a zoology graduate and an MBA in environmental sciences. Forests, mountains and rivers always fascinated him since his childhood. His visit to Tadoba National Park as a teen turned him completely towards the jungles. Since then he is found more in wilderness than his home. He turned his passion into his career and has worked as a naturalist and manager in a resort in Amboli, Maharashtra which is a reptile heaven and one of the wettest place in India. He has participated in line transact surveys and animal censuses in Karnataka and Maharashtra. He is passionate about butterflies and has recorded and photographed the butterfly diversity in his hometown. He is also a trekker and a cyclist. He has vast experience of trekking in Western Ghats. He has also travelled almost the entire south of India on his cycle and has done a lot of mountain biking. He loves horse riding, photography, is a good swimmer and travels a lot. A gypsy by heart.

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