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Guided cycling tours, for beginners and advanced sportsmen, are a fabulous way to experience the wilderness and get in touch with the forest. We can cover ground and reach distant places without causing harm or disturbance to the forest. We bike on small animal trails. Therefore good sightings of birds and other wildlife such as monkeys, deer or wild boars are likely to happen. If luck is with us we may also encounter some predators like the wild dogs, leopard or the king of the jungle himself. According to your level of fitness we will offer you choices of biking routes. Whether it is a short and even route or a long and challenging route, we always find beautiful spots to stop for a tea or a lunch breaks.

For the very relaxed cyclist they can take their bikes and simply wander off. The tribal villages in the close proximity of the lodge provide a wonderful opportunity, to witness the indigenous life, in the prime Tiger country of the central Indian jungles.

Lets cover ground on wheels!


Trekking in the Buffer zone of Kanha National Park is a magical experience! It is a slow and a quiet way of exploring and connecting oneself with nature. You will feel the energy of the forest with all its scenes and sounds in a much more profound way, when you are on foot.

As Kanha is famous for different kinds of vegetation. You will walk through grasslands, bamboo forests, rocky areas, through ever green Sal forests or even through an indigenous village.

We can offer different treks based on your fitness level and we can plan them according to your travel diary. A short walk in the sunset after your arrival in the afternoon, is ideal after long hours of travel in a vehicle on bouncy roads. A trek to a beautiful breakfast spot in the early morning is a great way to say goodbye to the wilderness, if your departure is in the morning.


  1. A leisure walk of 2-3hrs where we cross the Banjar River right at the Lodge, walk through beautiful forest on animal trails, pass a village and after the last bit of a small hill we reach the breakfast spot! A fantastic view over the forest is waiting for you. Breakfast will be served and after you are refreshed, we walk back to the Lodge.
  2. Another medium level walk starts at 6 am. from the Park gate. Accompanied by a forest guide we enjoy a 4-5hrs walk through beautiful patches of dense forests, grasslands, Bamboo forest and finally a village close to the lodge. We stop for breakfast next to a small stream, where birding is an extra treat.
  3. A slightly challenging option is a 5-6hrs walk, which starts in the early morning from the Lodge. We enter the forest behind the Kuthwahi village, walk through forest patches, follow a rocky riverbed and finally reach a view point area, with flat and massive stones, where you can find interesting rock formation of the ancient times. You will enjoy breakfast at this wonderful location and slowly walk back to the Lodge.


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