The Philosophy

Our sincere efforts for the land and its people

Flame of the Forest is located in the Kanha National Park, a paradise in the heart of India. A paradise, can retain its sacred and pristine beauty, only if people are taking responsible care of it and develop a sense of belonging and pride towards it.

We believe in and care for the indigenous people of Kanha and that is why we work as closely as we can, with the local communities. Flame of the Forest is entirely constructed with and by the people of the land. Working together created a strong bonding between the local rural community and us. Nothing can live in isolation especially not in such remote areas.

Everybody will be in need of help one day and everybody will be able to provide help one day. At the same time, we feel a strong urge to use Flame of the Forest as a platform for more than just sharing ideas, but for developing a practical and sustainable approach for a better future.

In order to provide more work opportunities for women we created HATHI. HATHI is a social enterprise providing skill training and work places for women to stitch. We produce various products which are sold in our Safari shop, on-line and all around the globe. We offer workshops for women to educate them in health and hygiene with a special focus on the menstrual cycle. It is a beautiful journey which has only just begun and which provides us a better insight into the lives and practical difficulties of the indigenous people.

We managed to conduct medical camps in a few villages around the park and even some in the forest villages with permissions from the Forest Department - this has been a truly moving experience. Life in rural India is backbreaking and extremely challenging. To see peoples suffering and at the same time observe their acceptance of the situation as what it is and managing to find peace and contentment at the same time, is a great learning. However, due to lack of volunteers and availability of funds and doctorsm our progress has been slower in these camps then expected. Health camps need a constant follow up which does require manpower and funds.

We have also been working on reforestation programs, to help regain lost habitats in the area. We are trying to plant at least a few hundred new plants every year.

From planting trees we automatically came across and ventured into other issues like irrigation systems, rainwater harvesting, grassland management and using bio-mass more efficiently. Hand in hand with the Forest Department, we are in a constant search for better solutions.

We have only touched the surface of what we can and must strive to achieve more.

We truly think it’s a rare privilege to be in this mystical wilderness and to have the opportunity to serve the people and the land. We will always work towards finding ideas and practical solutions within our own limitations.

The Team
Karan Modi is born and brought up in Mumbai. He escaped the city several years ago, to serve nature and its needs! He worked as a naturalist in several national parks and finished his training with African rangers for nature interpretation. His vision is to create awareness through experience and holistic guiding. The foundation of this experience for the guest is, a lodge working on eco- and environmental friendly principals. He is in constant search of how to improve our eco-friendly Lodge operations and the benefits local communities could gain out of our presence in this paradise called Kanha.
Isabelle Heini is a nurse and Yoga teacher from Switzerland. She travelled and lived in India for several years. The strong spirit of the country kept calling her back till she finally found a place and a partner to let her vision grow. The vision of luxury combined with art, tradition and a holistic care for nature. Isa believes, to make a change we have to set an example, work and learn with the people of the local community. She started where she provides a platform for indigenous women to learn the skill of stitching and provides a workspace which enables the women with financial independence
Dhansingh is one in a million! He is the first reporting at work in the morning and the last touching base in the night. He is our manager and he knows Kanha like his own backyard as he has been working in Kanha for more thena decade . He is a Gond tribal and so the best guide if it comes to cultural guidance and any thing related to the local flora, fauna or social structures. His guiding skills in as a Naturalist are phenomenal and unique and we all learn from him every day new secrets of nature. But more then all of that, he is a trusted, warm and loving friend and we feel blessed to have him in our team.
Imran is Naturalist from the East Coast of India hailing from Andhra Pradesh and also has been an avid trekker in the Indian Himalayas and Fox Glacier in New Zealand .He has been always in nature and got interested in wildlife thanks to his immense love and passion for living in the wilderness. As a person he enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge with guests as much as he enjoys being in the wild. He worked as an Art Director before he gave into his calling of living and working in the Wild and is as passionate about artistic fixtures as he is about the Indian Jungles.
Mohan is our trusted Naturalist and friend and he is part of our Team since more then 3 years. He is originally from Mysore and a true Nature enthusiast since he can recollect memories. He is highly passionate for conservation works and never fails to provide us with in depth knowledge regarding the same. He worked on filming research on Wolfs and slender Loris and various projects with National Television channels. He is a fantastic cook and can delight you with his knowledge on the stars the Moon and any topic regarding Wildlife. He is a great asset and trusted member of the Flame of the Forest Family.
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